M.A Economics


To achieve broad and increasing recognition of the excellence of its programs among those offered by public and private institutions in the region and at international level; and to equip students with skills to implement theoretical and applied research work that will contribute to knowledge and resolve problems confronting the economy.


To enable the students to exercise their intellectual capacity, to acquire disciplinary knowledge and analytical skills, to value diversity in people and ideas, and to develop ethical decision making abilities. To produce quality economists that will play their constructive role in different public, private sector organizations, policy making, and research. The learning environment is distinguished by admission on merit only, highly accessible faculty, teamwork, and information technology-supported education. The economics faculty places an emphasis on excellence in teaching through continuous professional development in instruction, as well as, in applied and theoretical economic research. Currently, the Department is offering graduate and postgraduate degree programs viz-a-viz BS, MSc, MPhil and PhD.