M.A English


The Department offers a wide range of courses. The syllabus is regularly revised so as to keep students abreast of contemporary literary and critical developments while broadening their general perspective of the subject. In addition to the existing optional papers offered such as The Short Story, Linguistics and Essay, a paper entitled Literature in English Around the World has also been introduced.

Course Outline

Course Name SemesterCredit Hour / Marks
Greek and Classical LiteratureSemester I03
Classical PoetrySemester I03
Study SkillsSemester I03
17th Century PoetrySemester I03
18th Century NovelSemester I03
Elizabethan DramaSemester I03
Modern DramaSemester II03
Renaissance and Neo-Classical LiteratureSemester II03
19th Century PoetrySemester II03
Twentieth-Century NovelSemester II03
Victorian NovelSemester II03
Literary CriticismSemester II03
Critical TheorySemester III03
20th Century ProseSemester III03
American PoetrySemester III03
American DramaSemester III03
American FictionSemester III03
Research MethodologySemester III03
20th Century PoetrySemester IV03
Post-Colonial FictionSemester IV03
Twentieth Century DramaSemester IV03
* LinguisticsSemester IV03
Literature in English around the WorldSemester IV03