MS.c Psychology

Program Introduction


Psychologist are one of the most important members of the society and are becoming indispensable part of all the main spheres of market and industry both nationally and internationally. Every institute, industry and organization is hiring psychologists to provide support and guarantee the mental health of its human resources.

MS.c Psychology equals BS Psychology in terms of years of education; the curriculum for the former is set to be similar to an inclusive education framework. The instructional methodology is appropriated in the individual courses in line with the nature of the subject and expertise of the relevant faculty.

The graduates of both the programs are eligible to seek higher education such as MPhil Psychology and MS Psychology in Pakistan or Master’s degree from abroad. The program is a blend of theory and practicum. Thesis and internship is offered to the students in the last two semesters

The Psychology graduates find job as college lecturer in public and private sector institutions. They are also eligible to work as Psychologist in the ISSB and the Public Service Commission. A number of graduates find jobs in the social sector NGOs. Many graduates prefer MS in Clinical Psychology and work in the health sector as Clinician or get a research degree, i.e., MPhil in Psychology and work as university faculty or researcher in applied settings.

Duration : 2 Years