Become a Barrister by studying in the heart of Lahore at South Asian Law College (SAL-C). The course is designed in a way that you can study while you are doing your practice.


The purpose of Bar Transfer Test is to enable the qualified lawyers to have an opportunity to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales without having partake the complete academic course and training as required in the academic stage. The Bar Standards Board (BSB) have authorized BPP Law School to take Bat Transfer Test in United Kingdom. Recently British Council has also been authorized to take the test through its center’s in different cities in Pakistan.

The Bar Transfer Test (BTT) exam is similar to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) Exam that include 11 exams, 7 falls in Part A and 4 in Part B. Usually the transferring lawyers from common law jurisdictions with reasonable experience are required to take 4 exams i.e Part B only.


  • Excellent BTT tuition support by qualified Barristers.
  • Regular lessons with individual lectures.
  • Mock assessments.



  • License to practice in the courts of Pakistan.
  • Proficiency in English language.



  1. Eligibility: As a licensed lawyer in Pakistan, you apply for the Certificate of Academic Standing (CAS) to the Bar Standards Board (BSB). The Qualifications Committee of the Bar Standards Board than issues a certificate after determining if the Academic & Vocational stages of training are exempt and/ or which exams are to be taken as a part of BTT exams. Each application is considered on individual basis and requires demonstration by the candidate for the exemptions.
  2. Admission: We at SAL-C access your language skills and admit you to the Bar Transfer Course.
  3. Preparation: You will go through advocacy workshops for skill development and practice, understand civil and criminal litigation, become an expert in ethics, and finally go through test sessions for your final exams.
  4. Apply: We will assist you with your Bar Standard Board application for the Bar Transfer Test and later assist you with your visa application for the UK.
  5. Test: You will be required to either take the exams while in Pakistan by sitting at the nominated British Council Center’s or go to the UK for examination in four areas Advocacy, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation., and Professional Ethics.
  6. Become a Barrister: You will receive your Call to the Bar after you have passed your required exams. This means you can start using the title of “Barrister” with your name in Pakistan.



Modules taught at South Asian Law College [July 2020 – April 2021]

  • Advocacy
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Litigation & Sentencing
  • Professional Ethics

Exams in the UK [April 2021]/ [August 2021]

Result Announced [June 2021]/ [October 2021]

Call to the Bar* [ July 2021]/ [November 2021]

*This means graduation. After this, you can call yourself a Barrister!


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