Rules and Regulations

Identity Card

A student is required to get his/her Identity Card from the Admission Office and display the same during the college hours. A fine will be charged if a student is found without his/her Identity Card in the college premises. If identity Card is lost, a duplicate card will be issued after following a proper procedure. Identity card must be returned to the College Office at the time of passing-out or in case of dropout from the college.

College Timings

A student is expected to be punctual. College gates are closed at 8:00 am throughout the academic year. A student is only allowed to leave the premises when the gates are re-opened at the time, fixed by the Principal.

  • For medical reasons or emergency, Gate Pass will be issued by the Principal’s Office.
  • Female students may only leave campus early. when accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Attendance & Leave Rules

It is mandatory to attend 80% of scheduled classes to appear in the Board/University Examinations. In exceptional circumstances, students may apply to the Principal for leave which may be sanctioned for genuine reasons. However, this leave is not excluded in counting for 80% attendance.

Change of Program

A student may change his/her program according to the rules of the Govt. of the Punjab, Board and University within a period of fifteen days from the Commencement of classes. The office staff will guide the students through the proper procedure for changing their program in a friendly manner.


A student dropped from the college roll due to any reason, other than rustication on the disciplinary grounds, may be re-admitted at the discretions of the Principal, subject to.

  • Applications for re-admission will be entertained within a given time limit.
  • Payment of re-admission dues is mandatory.

Inter/Intra College Transfer

  • Transfer from one college to another college may be allowed in accordance with the migration Rules & Regulations of the relevant Board / University provided
  • Principals of both the colleges have no objection, and
  • The seat is available in the destined college.
    Transfer may not be permitted in following cases:
  • The student is under disciplinary punishment and
  • Disciplinary action is pending against the student

Internal Exams & Assessment

The academic performance of a student is to December and End Term Examination. The monthly tests are held within the 1st week of each month. Test results are compiled by the 12th of each month. Results are conveyed to the parents, regularly, through mail or e-mail. The internal assessment is evaluated in terms of Grades. It is expected the students will take these tests seriously. A student who performs poorly in internal examinations and earn ‘D’ grade in aggregate, will not be allowed to appear in the Board / University Examination.